Repatriates Welfare Trust was established during the year 2007 by Repco Bank with the objective of providing welfare schemes to Repatriates and their wards & heirs. The Trust consist of 17 Trustees in its Board, out of which 9 are ex-officio Trustees nominated by the Bank/Author of the Trust from its official cadre and 8 are from Repatriates Directors/Trustees nominated.

Every year Repco Bank appropriates certain amount from its profit to the Trust for carrying out various welfare schemes. The name of trustees as on 23.02.2024 are as follows:


Name of the Trustees


Repatriates Cooperative Finance and Development Bank Ltd. (REPCO BANK) was registered on November 19, 1969, as a Cooperative Society under the relevant provisions of the Madras Cooperative Societies Act, 1961, with jurisdiction over the State of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and the Union Territory of Puducherry.

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