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Repco Bank's Loan Against Property is a simple solution to your financial needs.

You can avail a loan against property for fulfilling personal needs such as meeting expenditures on education, marriage, healthcare, business or any other lawful purpose.

RLAP - Access funds promptly for urgent needs by using your property as collateral.

Repco allows you to leverage your residential or commercial property's value to avail of a loan for your needs, whatever they may be: business expansion, repayment of other loans, purchase of commercial property, or any other personal business or professional need, transfer your high-cost loans.

Longer repayment period up to 10 years

Repco LAP starting from 12.20% to 12.65% p.a.

Loan from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs.10 Crores

Secured Loan - From property to possibilities, our secured mortgage loan opens doors to your goals

Anyone they match the required income profile.

Offering 65% to 75% of property's market value as a loan

Multiple end-use options with a genuine purpose

Opt for either Long stretch tenure or Short compact tenure of your choice

These multipurpose loans are both as Term Loan (EMI) and as an Overdraft Facility called SODL (Secured Overdraft Loan)


Make your dream come true with Repco Bank

Enjoy attractive interest rates, with no hidden charges

Quick Loan processing time and minimal paper work

Mortgage loans up to - 120 months

Loan against immovable properties

Simple steps to get your Mortgage Loan


Choose your home branch of your choice


Submit your collateral document & income proofs


Check eligibility


Avail the loan

Mortgage Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount

Rs: 100000



payment period

1 Year

15 Year

1 Year

Interest Rate

5 %

5 %

20 %

Your EMI Amount: ₹

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Total Payment

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Total Interest Payable

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