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To save your hard earned money safely, securely and conveniently. Day to Day operation. Interest Rate 4% pa (Daily Balance Basis)
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For your future business expansion and urgent needs Daily Deposit collected at your Door Step. Interest Rate 2% pa
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Ideal way to invest your small amount of money paying once in a month and end up with a large kitty on maturity.
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Invest a fixed amount of money once in a month and secure with bulk sum on maturity with FREE Accidental Insurance Coverage.
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To invest your money for a set period time and get returns with a higher rate of Interest.
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Money multiplier scheme and Interest earns Interest. An ideal way for investment keeping a big future in mind.
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OORUNI / MPS (Montly Payment Scheme)
Monthly Income towards Deposit for Retired / Senior Citizen. Monthly interest payment without discount.
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REPCO Money Back Deposit (for 1 year)
Invest Lumpsum Amount and get monthly income with principal and interest. (Refunded as Equated Monthly Installment (EMI). Every month ( first to last) same amount is returned which includes principal + interest. Useful for monthly commitments..
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REPCO Crown Deposit
Special long term deposit for 5- 20 years period @ floating interest rate which will be highest prevailing rate from time to time .No pre-closure penalty after initial 5 years.
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Repco Mahila Deposit
Specialised Scheme Exclusive for Women Depositors, Recognizing the importance of women and the need to empower them, Repco offers high Rate of Interest of 9% for a period of 18 Months. Cumulative and non-cumulative options available.
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Flexible Recurring Deposit
It doesn't restrict your monthly remittance to a fixed sum.It can go up to 10 times of the core amount.
Very flexible monthly savings scheme!!.
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Doubling scheme exclusively for minor,the funds invested in their children or grand children name will double itself in 7 years & 9 months.

Interest Rate for Members Deposits

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“Deposit Scheme - Interest rate @10.00% for sr. citizen. Higher rate of interest in market. Click here for Interest Rates
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